Jefferson Foundation
Valle Ambulance District

Grant Program Achievements

Jefferson Foundation began issuing its inaugural grants to qualified organizations in 2014. Since then grant recipients have proceeded to utilize the funds they received to implement the programs and projects for which they had requested support.

We are proud to now provide the following list of achievements that the 2015 grant recipients have reported as a result of their efforts to promote health and well-being in Jefferson County. We also are proud to have provided the financial support that helped to enable these organizations to achieve these significant accomplishments.

Academic Scholarships

  • 15 students received scholarships for Jefferson College’s Health Occupation programs.
  • 6 scholarships were awarded to Jefferson County residents through The Scholarship Foundation.

Basic Needs

  • Over 935 children received backpacks of food for the weekend.
  • 5 vehicles were purchased by food pantries to assist with picking up donated food.
  • Financial assistance was provided to 1,130 individuals.
  • 38,785 individuals received food from local pantries.
  • Medical equipment was provided to 75 individuals.
  • A temperature controlled delivery truck was purchased for the home-delivered meal program.
  • 504 smoke detectors, 252 carbon monoxide detectors and 60 escape ladders were provided to community members.

Dental Services

  • Dental services were provided to an additional 450 children.
  • Adult dental services were increased by 1,065 visits.
  • A new mobile dental clinic has been placed into service and will serve 200 patients per month.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

  • 1,329 Jefferson County students participated in substance abuse prevention programs.
  • A new mobile counseling office has been placed into service. The trailer is providing counseling and assessments for youth and workshops for youth and caregivers.
  • 27 scholarships were provided for residential substance abuse treatment.

Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle Education

  • Health and wellness presentations were made to over 2,500 students, teachers, staff, parents and community members.
  • 399 girls from 16 Jefferson County schools participated in the Girls on the Run program.
  • 1,993 people participated in fitness programs.
  • 9 community gardens were developed. A tower garden program was implemented in the DeSoto School District. Approximately 2,000 students participated in the program.
  • A new walking trail was developed in Festus and a trail in DeSoto was improved.
  • A soccer complex was developed in DeSoto and is expected to serve over 1,500 youth.

Health and Health-Related Education

  • 224 calls were responded to by the Alzheimer’s Association hotline and 222 people attended educational programs on Alzheimer’s.
  • 28 presentations on fire safety were provided to 1,199 Jefferson County students, teachers and staff.
  • Suicide prevention presentations were made to 1,743 Jefferson County students.
  • 634 individuals received Hepatitis C education and were screened.
  • 2,789 children received health and developmental screenings.
  • 472 home visits were provided to expectant parents or parents with young children.

Homeless and Domestic Violence Services

  • 260 counseling hours and 31 nights of safety emergency shelter were provided to 50 Jefferson County clients who have experienced domestic violence.

Medical Equipment

  • Big River Ambulance purchased and placed into service a new ambulance.
  • Valle Ambulance purchased and placed into service new ventilators and IV pumps.
  • A new cleanser/sanitizer was purchased and has cleaned/sanitized over 500 pieces of medical equipment that will be loaned out to consumers.

Mental Health Counseling

  • 132 children from Jefferson County received grief counseling.
  • 747 Jefferson County children received counseling/mental health services.
  • A new counseling office was opened in Arnold and is serving at least 25 clients on an ongoing basis.


  • 14 children received scholarships to Camp Jump Start. On average, the 14 children lost over 18 pounds and post health screenings showed considerable improvement.

Physical and Mental Disabilities

  • An all-inclusive playground was installed at Hillsboro Primary.
  • NextStep for Life implemented a new respite program. The program enrolled 231 families.
  • Sunnyhill has a new multipurpose building for the Adventure Camp. The building will allow the agency to operate a day camp program.
  • A splash pad was added to Kade’s Playground.
  • 16 consumers were transitioned back to independent living.
  • 24 families participated in social skills training for children, youth and adults with autism.

Safe Housing

  • 42 home repair projects were completed.


  • A new highway 30 route was implemented and provided 391 one-way rides.


  • Student advisors worked with almost 150 seniors at Northwest and Grandview High Schools and conducted financial aid and personal finance workshops for 725 students and family members.
  • A new disaster vehicle has been purchased and placed at Rock Community Fire Protection District. The vehicle will be used by American Red Cross volunteers to respond to disasters.
  • CASA of Jefferson County expanded the number of volunteer advocates from 16 to 38 and increased the number of children served from 24 to 50.